Waskoll: when creation sparkles

For half a century and three generation, the Waskoll family has been revealing the beauty of gems. A look back at a radiant story …

Waskoll  Waskoll: when creation sparkles
“It is in the light of precious stones that women’s beauty is to be found. And it is in their reflections that the personalty is revealed”. Such were the words of the founder Karekin Waskoll, and fifty years later, his vision remains intact, perpetuated by his grandsons, Cyril and Kirk. Their philosophy is to render elegance and originality to the most extraordinary gems. Their know-how in both gems and jewellery creation results in sumptuous pieces that combine modernity with the pure traditions of haute-joaillerie. A highly customized service towards clients makes each purchase a unique moment.

Women: a constant source of inspiration for the Waskoll family

For a long time Waskoll Haute Joaillerie has designed jewellery for prestigious jewellers around the world, and since 2010 has had its own boutique in the rue de la Paix in Paris. This summer, the Jewellery House had also decided to exhibit in Cannes, on the legendary Croisette. From 25 June to 15 September 2013, the brand will have a 70 m2 temporary boutique in the heart of the Carlton Hotel, where its clientele can admire exceptional timeless pieces and Master Pieces, as well as new collections, such as the Tendresse range, which, with its rings, bracelets and necklaces, will make the summer truly radiant.

Waskoll Boutique  Waskoll: when creation sparkles