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Robert Van de Kerkhove, “Long life to the Croisette”

The businessman and man of passion, Robert Van de Kerkhove, stands out for his charisma and frankness.


croisette  Robert Van de Kerkhove, "Long life to the Croisette"


“I wish to give back to Cannes all that it has given me”. Since his arrival in the town in 1978, the founder of the VDK group fought hard to enable the Croisette to belong to the very elitist club of famous luxury retail avenues. Today, his fight has paid off with the birth of the Croisette Committee.

“Uniting 62 of the 65 retailers on the famous avenue and a few hotels, the Association has the objective to enable the boutiques to survive and preserve the 3,500 jobs”, he explains. But that is not all. Robert Van de Kerkhove also focuses on prestigious operations – notably during the Christmas festivities – and on actions with the public authorities to increase security, the town’s new spearhead action.