Henri Matisse, an art of the fugue

A certain musicality floats over Henri Matisse’s work. This summer, Nice is in tune with the maestro.


© Succession H. Matisse


All of Matisse’s force and creativity is represented in eight exhibitions organized in eight museums in Nice taking place under the title of Un Eté pour Matisse, a cultural event that celebrates the fifty years of the Musée Matisse, and the immense artist who found in Nice, in the exceptional light of the region, his Promised Land.

Among the many facets of his art, his motifs, colours and pictorial representation, music seems to float like an art of the fugue, on an air of jazz, a joyous allegro, which gives the tone to the exhibition presented at the Musée Matisse. We can see his son playing the violin, Henriette, one of his models, at the piano. Joy is in the air, penetrating and perfuming the pictures and drawings, inviting visitors to Dance, the other canvass on display, painted in Nice. Matisse’s music, a universe of colour and pure notes.

La musique à l’œuvre / Until Septermber 23th 2013