Deco: Originalities in the home

Autumn/winter 2013-2014 will be full of joy and warmth. Our home interior will become a cocoon to snug away in. Vincent Grégoire, the trend hunter, gives us a look at whats ahead.

Cet hiver, notre intérieur va redevenir un cocon © Maison Déco

“Even more in times of incertitude, we need comfort, pleasure and cocooning. The home becomes a place that reassures”, he states. The first evidence, retro vintage has had its day; modern design too. As has the Scandinavian style, or the ethical Bohemian. The upcoming season is for marriages, associations, seeking mélanges. “There’s a new contemporaneous wind blowing, re-visiting major themes of the past with a strong desire to domiciliate tomorrow”.

Four distinct movements seem to be emerging. The classical is becoming “swag”, introducing fantasy to the home. The “made in” is giving way to the “mad in”, to a touch of madness that, with subtle touches, is entering the world of home decoration. White and black are still around but flashy colours are waking them up, with original motifs to bring a smile.

Un canapé signé Orla Kiely ©DR

“But be careful, explains Vincent Grégoire, eccentricity is accepted but within reason”. And as proof, a old Voltaire armchair with pink vinyl to liven up the wood. And the Scandinavian design won’t be totally thrown out of the window. It just needs warming up, with lots of soft colours of caramel, beige, etc. “Soft doesn’t imply insipid”, states Vincent Grégoire.

Just warm up the rather cold ambience for a balanced result. And the natural look? The country house style is still very much in favour. But here again, with a little touch of fantasy. A base of neutral colours will enjoy a splash of pigment in moss or lichen green, fruity or honey hues. Same with the fabrics and materials: wood, cotton, linen, mohair can mix with synthetic products.

Lit de la marque Missoni ©DR

Mélange is in the air … tweed and “metalo-plastic”, and the trendy ethical-Bohemian loses its purely folklore aspect. More complex, more refined, it adopts fine materials in its constant search for elegance and modernity, flirting with sophistication and inspired by distant or not so distant countries, without falling into caricature. “The museum-home is becoming a living-home, a refuge of conviviality, humour and light-spiritedness where we live, work and invite guests. Our home takes on our own character. We can enjoy mixing expensive and cheap objects. The new home motto: have fun, dare and let the fantasy in you fully express itself. Your home will love it!