Aphrodite Nice: Adopting Alternative Food


David Faure, the free-thinker in the profession of gastronomy has innovated once again in his restaurant “L’Aphrodite”. For several weeks now earthworm powder and dehydrated crickets have found their way on to menus for a unique experience. As a starter, try the creamed corn, panned foie gras, crispy crickets with buckwheat, pop-corn and dehydrated corn, before choosing a cod fillet with peanuts, grilled earthworm powder, crispy pumpkin, polenta, and as a dessert crickets in whisky, pears in bread and butter pudding …

This is the first time in France that a Michelin-starred chef has dared to compose an entire menu with insects!

3 good reasons to try

Firstly, the fine flavours. Peanut tastes for the earthworm powder, corn chips for the crickets. Secondly, it’s excellent for health. Earthworm powder is an incredible source of fatty unsaturated acids, similar to Omega 3 and 6, and crickets are high in proteins. This could be the solution to malnutrition and obesity. And thirdly, breeding insects produces up to 100 times less greenhouse effect gases than intensive animal farming and requires very little water.

(1) Provider : Micronutris, Toulouse


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