Marc Barani: Designing lifestyle

He has just received the highest French distinction in architecture. But far from being seen as an end objective, he sees it as a recognition of former work and an open door to new challenges.


Marc Barani ©C.Falize


The winner of the Grand Prix National de l’Architecture 2013 is a Niçois named Marc Barani, and when asked if the award flatters his ego, he replies “It’s important because it motivates the teams. And for the ego, I just say to myself that my commitment has not be in vain”. His team is at the heart of his work.

He opened his office in 1989 with Birgitte Fryland, a scenography, and works with architects, designers and landscape gardeners…”Architecture consists in designing lifestyle. I believe in the political, economic and social commitment architects have in the world. I fell it important to take a position within a context. Personally, I’m not an architect just for my own pleasure”.

And this is illustrated in his work: the Nice tramway stations, for which he won the Équerre d’Argent du Moniteur award, the restoration of Le Corbusier cabin. And in 2013, his order book is full. This autumn the Atelier Marc Barani will be delivering the Institute for Accommodation and Research for Alzheimer in Nice. He is also behind the Dojo in Valbonne, the Congress Centre in Nancy, the Rafic Hariri Cultural Foundation in Beirut. In parallel to these public projects, Marc Barani designs villas for private clients. “In these cases, relations are more direct since the owner is personally involved”.

Marc Barani is an architect difficult to define, and who, above all, prefers not to be. “I believe in the importance of multiple views on a project. After that, I only leave a testimonial, nothing more”.


Atelier Marc Barani
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