Absinthe Bar: give it a try

Give credit where credit is due…

By the Editorial board



If you didn’t know it before entering the Absinthe Bar, you will certainly know it when leaving… absinthe is a medicine, the best, the most natural there is, and this since time immemorial. It is excellent for digestion and as an anti-bacterial. On the condition of course that it has been made in the proper way, respecting the basic recipe and consumed with moderation.

The founder of this unique bar in Europe, Dany Rosenfelder, opened his establishment “to re-establish all the truth on this beneficial drink”. And the experience, as well as pedagogic, is an eye-opener. Just metres from the Provençal market place, the bar is magical. An old cellar with an antiquated decor welcomes you to partake in the house rituals … that involve wearing one of the many hats placed at the disposal of clients before sitting around a fountain of absinthe and leaving the elixir to do its job, slowly… deliciously!


L’Absinthe Bar
25 Cours Masséna
Tél. : +33(0)4 93 34 93 00