Fred L’Ecailler: “I don’t sell a price”

Fred l’Ecailler: “I don’t sell a price, but a product”

Fred L’Ecailler


Fred, the man with the red hat and fisherman’s boots on the Place de l’Etang… Fred, the child form the little Cannes Mouré Rouge harbour, who has become the “King of Fish”, of the region. In 17 years, he has built his restaurant into “the” fish restaurant of Cannes. Passion and instinct have guided him. On his fish stall, you’ll find a fine display of of superbly fresh dentex, red scorpionfish, john dory, pagres, red mullet, grouper, monkfish, sole…

“We are fishmongers”

Each order begins with a story, one related to fishing, whether local or in the harbour of Sète. Stories that tell of the origins of the fish, the fishing methods, the boat, the bait and the fishing area. Each of the 38 varieties has its story. And a complicity between seller and buyer is established, cooking methods discussed, whether is a salt crust, poached, meunière, grilled, raw carpaccio-style or tartare. Fred will awaken your taste-buds, advise you on choice and cooking, to make any stop at his fish stall a memorable and fulfilling moment.


Fred l’Ecailler
Place de l’Etang
Tél. : +33 (0)4 93 43 15 85