Serge Gouloumès, sketches of delights

Serge Gouloumès, the Michelin-starred chef at the Mas Candille, has brought out his third book for the Festival des Étoiles de Mougins. After La Provence et la Côte d’Azur and Carnet Provence de cuisine, is his latest book, Un livre à regarder, d’esquisses en délices.

By the editorial board



In this book, Serge Gouloumès pays tribute to his 40-year passion in pictures. Written in collaboration with Antony Carvalho and Benjamin Gouloumès, the former is the photographer whose work highlights the emotion, light, and angle of the culinary delights while the latter is the man behind the drawings. Benjamin Goumoulès is an artist who masters sketching, painting and sculpture. The latest culinary creations of the chef are thus presented in sketches and photos in a mouth-watering book. On sale at the Mas Candille and stationers in Mougins.