3 voices for autumn…

This autumn will be seeing 3 styles and voices performing on the stages of the Riviera. In order of appearance: Alex Beaupain, Vanessa Paradis et Stacey Kent.




Each in their different style, they pave their own path with elegance, far from the fads and trends of today’s music scene. The French star, Vanessa Paradis (30 November at the Cannes Palais des Festivals), the pearl of Jazz, Stacey Kent (1st December at the Acropolis in Nice), and the dandy crooner, Alex Beaupain (12th October at the Théatre de la Licorne in Cannes) will be performing this autumn.

Each of them exudes a stylish musical fragrance… pop for Vanessa Paradis, rather more floral for Stacey Kent, and slightly more bitter with Beaupain, touched with melancholy and despondency. The aches of love… and it is love that undoubtedly unites this trio, that fills their songs with feelings. “Listen to the gentle song that only cries to please”, advised Verlaine…