Maeght Foundation: Reflections on truth

Inaugurated in June, this is the art event of the year on the Riviera. At the Maeght Foundation, Bernard-Henri Lévy is presenting “Les aventures de la vérité/Peinture et Philosophie : un récit”.


©Photo Amando Casado/Adagp


Seven sequences that guide the visitor through a unique exhibition, shedding light on what makes a picture a picture, a fragment of the world somewhere between illusion and appearance, between mystification and revelation. The Foundation Maeght, which for 50 years, has been perpetuating the ideals and ideas of modern and contemporary art, has invited one of today’s master thinkers, Bernard-Henri Lévy, to develop his own vision of the great masters of art at the initiative of the director of the Foundation, Olivier Kaepellen.

The result, all works chosen by BHL, reveals a reflection on the very nature of the act of painting with its deep roots in the human psyche, in the mythical dimension of Man and its cult for images and mysteries relating to creation.

From Tintoret to Pollock, from Cranach to Anselm Kiefer

To explore such a vast question, 170 old and contemporary works, from French and international public and private collections have been united, some of which belong to the Marguerite and Aimé Maeght Foundation and the Maeght family collection.

From Tintoret to Pollock, from Cranach the Old to Basquiat, Magritte and Guy Debord, the works communicate between themselves, confront each other, unfold their secrets like a book of sumptuous pictures, transcending the heart of true artistic work. Far from being conceptually arid, the exhibition takes on a much more playful, fun note. A treasure hunt that takes you on a stunning adventure of truth between Painting and Philosophy.