Sandra Lecoq’s portrait: Masculine feminine

Sandra Lecoq lives and works in Nice. She is professor of pictorial practices at the Villa Thiole. Her most recent exhibition was at the Galerie Eva Vautier this summer in Nice.


©Galerie Eva Vautier


Sandra is a genius with fabric, but don’t talk to her of textile art, or needlework or girlie things when defining her aesthetics. Her pieces of fabric are just the weft for her universe and notion of painting. A modern-day Lady and the Unicorn whose works are closer to the girl phallus sense than the finer, purer Middle Ages’ interpretation of the five senses.

Her Penis Carpets of coloured wools take on the shape of a man’s penis, and the same theme can be found in her more recent work, hidden in flowery patchworks. “It’s a masculine approach, right at the heart of the subject”, she laughs. Man as an obscure, luminous object of desire maybe. Most of her work focuses on this, as if her compositions, canvasses of cut fabrics, gave body to the Canticles in a celebration of love.

Wild Female Soul

In one of her works, Paul, Edouard et moi, a large vibrant canvass on which the word “oui” (yes) is written, she declares her love for her man in a visual confusion of birds and flowers. The black continent of the feminine orgasm, as Freud called it, here becomes an explosion of joy, a visible inner technicolor. All of Sandra Lecoq’s work is inhabited by these same charnel emotions.

It’s not surprising that her favoured material is something as sensitive as fibre, the fabric that can tell the story of Penelope embroidering in trash mode the untiring journey of Ulysses into the feminine psyche. Far from any cosy, comfy universe, Sandra Lecoq’s Wild Female Soul is clearly marked in full.